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Social Impact Report 2023


How we create change

How we create change

We deliver a wide variety of family and relationship services across a continuum of prevention, early intervention, therapeutic services and support.

We adopt a socio-ecological and person-centred approach to our services, holistically meeting the needs of families, which begins with addressing client needs. Evidence shows that personal wellbeing is strongly linked to our interpersonal relationships. These can be family relationships, couple relationships and social connections.

Change happens when individuals and communities have the knowledge, awareness, skills and attitudes to build and maintain positive and healthy relationships.

By building and empowering individuals’ knowledge, awareness, skills and attitudes to create and maintain healthy relationships, we contribute to thriving, resilient and cohesive communities. Cohesive communities are places where everyone feels a sense of belonging and safety. They support healthy child development, improve school climates, foster social connection, reduce family violence and improve overall wellbeing.

Our prevention and early intervention services aim to build skills in individuals, helping them develop healthy relationships and improve mental wellbeing. This can be achieved, for example, by strengthening social and emotional competencies, as well as enhancing parenting capacity. Our recovery and intervention services facilitate change through relational and collaborative practice with skilled professionals to achieve individual, client-led goals.

Socio-ecological model of wellbeing (from RAV’s ‘How we create change’ animation)

Socio-ecological model of wellbeing

Understanding our impact

An evidence-informed approach: Practice principles and common elements

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